Finding a capstone, and interacting with your advisor

The capstone research is motivated by you, the student. Therefore, we encourage you to identify research projects and find faculty mentors early your program, preferably in your junior year

There are a number of ways that you can select your capstone research projects:

• You can independently identify your project based on your interests, and find a faculty mentor who is working in the related subject area. Browse the faculty websites, and check out their research.
• Many faculty provide research questions linked to their programs. You can find out about these projects by contacting faculty instructors and volunteering in their research labs
• Group research projects, often conducted in senior level classes, can be developed as full capstones
• You can apply for internships in a faculty or collaborating Agency lab
• You can apply for specific internship programs that are funded with collaborating government Agencies (e.g. NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center – SAFS summer internships) (need links)
• You can develop a research project while spending time at our field site programs (e.g. Alaska Field Camp, Friday Harbor Laboratories).

Finding a faculty advisor

There are several ways you can identify faculty mentors;

• Develop relationships with faculty instructors during classes and field trips
• Browse the faculty websites, and check out their research.
• Follow the SAFS blog and contact the SAFS advisor to find out about internship opportunities
• Develop relationships with faculty outside SAFS, graduate students and postdocs, or research scientists in government agencies. Postdocs, graduate studenst and Agency scientists can act as your worksite supervisors.

Interacting with your faculty advisor and worksite supervisor

The capstone is intended to help you develop skills in self-independence, but also in interacting with your advisors. Therefore, you will need to motivate frequent meetings with your advisor, and seek their mentorship on your proposal development, research and data analyses, and writing and oral presentations.

Your faculty advisor will review and approve your capstone proposal, supervise the research project and assess progress, sign the Fish 494 and 495 contracts, provide substantive editorial comments on a draft of the final paper and grade your presentation and written papers.
Your worksite supervisor will review and approve the Capstone Proposal, sign the Fish 494 contract, co-supervise the project, provide feedback to the Faculty Sponsor about student’s progress, provide substantive editorial comments on a draft of the final paper and work with the faculty advisor to assign a final grade.


Faculty websites:

SAF capstone Advisor: Dr Greg Jensen
SAFS advisor: Samantha Sherer